Vacantによるテンポラリーストア。オリジナルプロダクト “Vacant/Multiple”をはじめとして、様々な「モノ/コト(Matters)」を扱い、どのような「場」が生み出されるかを思考/試行していきます。




































出展場所・・・Gallery 3







A temporary store by Vacant. We will handle various “things/matters” including our original product “Vacant/Multiple”, and think/try out what kind of “place” will be created.


“Vacant” is a space and studio established by Yusuke Nagai in 2009 to think and practice the relationship between space and place.
For 10 years from that year to 2019,  worked at the project space “Vacant” in Harajuku, curating exhibitions and other events, designing graphics and space, and directing the store and café that was attached to the space.
In October 2021, moved to a new space, Vacant/Centre, where I designed the interior of the seven-floor building.
Currently, I curate and manage the Centre, the product line “Vacant/Multiple” launched in 2019, and all of my activities “Vacant/Works” including other client work, all by myself.


Exhibit location – Gallery 3