The Amazon Collection “Bricolage Exhibition”


This is the second “Bricolage Exhibition” in two years. This year, the artists will take broken or unusable parts from Yoshihiko Yamaguchi’s collection of ethnic minority artifacts and living creatures , and transform them into new artworks.

What can we, who live in the present, receive from objects nurtured in the mysterious nature?

We hope to find new possibilities for expression in the flow of time, in which objects and human hands repeatedly interact, transcending borders and time periods. At the same time, we hope to share with you the wisdom of human beings living in harmony with nature that Mr. Yamaguchi discovered while living with the indigenous peoples.

We would be happy if you will find a glimmer of joy or a whiff of happiness here.

Bricolage: Creation of something new with materials and tools at hand.
*All works will be on sale.

Message from Mr. Yoshihiko Yamaguchi

The indigenous people of the Amazon recognize themselves as part of the forest, and have continued to make the tools necessary for their daily lives with the blessings of nature and the wisdom they have inherited.

The concept of the “Bricolage Exhibition” is an unprecedented attempt to breathe life into damaged ethnic materials with the sensibility of contemporary art. We look forward to the creation of a worldview filled with innovation and diversity.”